Flash: ON   January 30, 2015 
Welcome to the Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit!
Elk Grove Village, IL.


  We proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and witness God's love for us through worship, education, fellowship and human care.

We offer a liturgical Lutheran worship service on Sunday morning along with Christian educational opportunities for all. On Thursday evenings we offer a casual service.
Weekly Services

Sunday 9:00 AM
Liturgical Service with Holy Communion
followed by Sunday School for children, age 3 thru Gr.5,
Youth Study for Jr/Sr High students,
and two Adult Studies

Thursday Evening 7:30 PM
Casual service with Holy Communion

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Paul Bacon, PHD, will give a presentation
during the adult education hour on The Lutheran Reformation and Art, from 10:15AM
on consecutive Sundays,February 8 and February 15th.
Everyone is welcome.
What religious Art did the Reformers find objectionable and why?
On the other hand, what did they embrace and why?
Turn your clocks back to a time when the faith and religious persuasion of the Prince
of the area determined the faith and religious persuasion of those living in his domain.
Here, art is more than just an aesthetic pursuit to be gazed at in museums…
it's a political tool used to reach, inform, and influence the masses.
Dr. Bacon is a recognized art historian and has served on the
faculties of Dominican University,Northern Illinois University,
and Waubonsee Community College.
He has been a guest lecturer and has presented numerous papers on the
history of art in the church.

For more information, contact Pastor Tim Manwell at 847-437-5897
Lutheran Church of theHoly Spirit is located at 150 Lions Drive, just south of
Elk Grove High School.

February 8th and February 15th at 10:15 in Fellowship Hall.
Refreshments will be served.

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